Telephone Line Compatibility


Digital communicator ( Digicom) monitoring is one of the most popular types of connecting an alarm system to an alarm receiving centre. This is not to be confused with an alarm that phones you directly with an audio message. Digicom is a coded signal that is sent to the alarm centre and then is confirmed and accepted by the alarm centre computers.

Different telephone systems can cause problems or failures with Digicom:


ALL equipment connected to your telephone line with any form of communication will require a broadband filter if your broadband signal is on the same cable as your phone. An easy way to tell is to look at your router – if it is plugged into a normal phone point via a broadband filter then you will need a filter for your alarm system also. The alarm broadband filter is a special unit fitted inside the control panel designed specifically for alarm systems. If you are on cable (i.e Virgin Media ) then a filter is not required as the internet and telephone are on separate cables.


Digicom Monitoring will not work with Sky Voice & Broadband Network (SVBN).

However, NOT all SKY telephone lines are SVBN, you would need to ask your broadband provider what type of line you have. If your line is NOT SVBN then it should work fine.


Digicom Monitoring will not work with VOIP. Voice over IP is now available and is mostly recognised as Skype, you may be VOIP if you have a BT home hub.

( If your phone and router is a single unit then it probably is ).

If you have one of these lines that will not work, we have the answer.

UK Security can offer a range of alarm monitoring systems that DO NOT require to be connected to the phone line. This can be via broadband, GSM and GPRS.

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