Fire Detection

Domestic premises

Fire AlarmAll new homes have mains powered smoke detection installed for building regulations but fire spreads extremely quickly and a fast response is key to preserving life and property. We can install smoke and heat detection with wireless link to the intruder alarm system and when coupled with our 24 hour monitoring service, an automatic response from the Fire Brigade is assured. Giving extra peace of mind.


Fire AlarmThe current law requires all business premises to have carried out a fire risk assessment. We will be pleased to carry out a risk assessment on your behalf and can advise on any necessary changes. You should also have a nominated ‘responsible person’ who will ensure that any system is tested and maintained as required. Fire alarms can range from a simple manually operated bell to sophisticated automatic detection with sounders and flashing beacons. UK Security can supply, install and maintain your system to ensure the safety of your staff and premises.

Fire systems are categorised into:

  • M ( manual operation )
  • L (For protection of life) and P (For protection of property). A risk assessment should be carried out to ascertain the degree of protection required.

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