Nurse/Panic Systems

nurse_call_imageNurse Call

Nurse Call

These systems can be used in care homes to allow patients to call for assistance. The main control panel and/or repeaters can have English text displays and situated in corridors around the premises which will sound to alert staff. The system can send assistance and emergency signals via two different call buttons . Paging can also be interfaced.

We also provide a compact portable system for residential and light commercial applications which comes with a main unit which can call direct up to 4 phone Nos. informing friends or family with a digital wireless push button pendant or wrist watch. Ideal for the elderly/infirm or those who stay on there own etc.

Panic systems

Staff can have a wall mounted panic button to summon assistance in the event of aggressive or violent clients or fobs can be carried by staff if required and will give their location in the building if panic is triggered. Typical applications are interview rooms in Police stations or anywhere that staff may end up under threat.

We again provide a personal attack portable system as above for residential and light commercial applications.

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